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yeah, it's pretty tough, been doing mission 18 on normal for orb farming needs since it lets me get used to most of the bosses. Once you get the hang of it, it's extremely helpful with beowulf and agni + rudra.

Jumping or rolling and then guarding really is the key to it since they both give some invincibility frames which makes it much easier to get a just guard/release versus just trying to do a straight up guard. Neat little trick with spiral is guard canceling it so it can shoot much faster, extremely helpful on dmd mode since triggered enemies have tons of health. (guard cancelling spiral is mostly what I use it for, there's other stuff that can be guard cancelled but haven't really experimented with it much.)

Have to agree rebellion is pretty awesome too, along with beowulf. (wouldn't mind learning nevan though, seems awesome against the annoying enigmas XD)

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