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Default The Fight against Gold Farmers

Have you ever wondered why MMO companies come down so hard on gold farmers and players who use their services?
The first reason is that gold farmers knowingly violate the Terms of Use. If they’re willing to break the rules by farming gold, they’re likely willing to break them in other ways. We want to protect legitimate players not only from gold farmers but from all unscrupulous players who are out to steal information and ruin the game for everyone.
The second reason is that gold farmers can destroy a game’s economy and make it impossible for legitimate players to compete. Find out how below:
The Ripple Effect
The biggest reason to stop gold farmers and sellers is that they can destroy a game for legitimate players. That sounds like a pretty big claim, but it’s happened before. Gold farming may not look like a huge deal, but it has far-reaching effects on a game and its economy.
Inflation: Gold farmers often spend hours upon hours per day obtaining gold that they can sell to players. All this extra gold floods into the game and rapidly changes the economy. The amount of in-game money increases too quickly and individual gold pieces are worth less and less as more gold is introduced. While the value of gold is rapidly decreasing, players who earn gold honestly are still gaining gold at a rate consistent with the original game economy. Since gold is now worth less, item prices rise to keep up and players who earn their gold honestly get outbid for items by players who purchase large sums of gold with real money. Since sellers only take the highest offer, honest players simply can’t afford high end items.
Devaluation of Items: As more gold buyers purchase extremely high-priced, rare items, low-to-mid level items become worthless. Even high-end items eventually drop in value because they lose their “specialness” as the number of them in the game increases.

Destruction of Market Liquidity:
You may have found a special item that you’re able to sell for three million gold today, but because gold buyers continue to increase the supply of gold, the same item could go for 10 million tomorrow. These unpredictable fluctuations in price result in people holding onto their goods in hopes that the prices will rise in the near future. That causes shortages of certain goods in the marketplace.

It Encourages Thieves: Wherever gold selling occurs, thieves naturally follow. Although there are some gold sellers who operate more or less the way they advertise, many more are just fronts for people who will try to scam you and steal your identity or credit card information in order to raid your Nexon account, or even worse, your real-life bank account!
These concerns primarily relate to the game economy, but there is also the issue of dealing with the load farmers impose on the game. You’ve probably seen bots running around the various towns, and you can rest assured that we dislike them just as much as you do. In addition to annoying you, they are a plague to our servers as well as a huge strain on the GMs that must spend time dealing with them.
What is Nexon doing?
Recently we have been fighting back against the botters and farmers in some big ways and have made huge strides in how we deal with this problem. The issue is that farmers adapt to our solutions quickly, forcing us to fight a new battle each week. It is taxing on us, but it is a problem that we and many other publishers of MMOs fight on a daily basis. We are fighting this on many fronts and are expanding our efforts immediately and want to bring you up-to-speed on some changes.
What will change?
The biggest change is that we are punishing anyone caught purchasing gold from a gold seller. This is not something that we enjoy doing, but we need players to understand that this is a very serious matter. From now on, players caught purchasing gold from a gold farmer will lose the gold they purchased from the seller along with access to their account! Players who ignore the warning will face an account suspension lasting anywhere from 1 to 30 days. In some cases, accounts will even be suspended permanently.
If we make it harder for gold sellers to get customers then they will eventually reduce their efforts as it is not financially viable for them to continue. This is how we start to turn the tides of this battle.
So what can you do?
Simple: don't buy gold, NX, or game “services” from anyone other than Nexon or a Nexon-authorized marketing partner. Encourage others to do the same. Remind people that it’s against the Terms of Use and will result in a ban. It’s a simple but effective solution. If there’s no market for gold farming, the business will dry up.
You might ask yourself “What difference does one player make when so many other people buy gold anyway?” One player may not make much of a difference, but if everyone who asked that question took action to stop gold buyers, the problem would solve itself. Big changes don’t come from one person. They come when everyone plays a part. Keep your gamer pride and don’t buy gold.
There are no easy solutions, but together we can keep honest players from missing out and keep Dragon Nest healthy and fun.
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