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Any specific genre? I know for a fact that I have been waiting for a game being released by gpotato called Eternal Blade. It seems pretty good lol quite a few classes as well as a really interesting world to explore. As for fun games to try I would have to say Forsaken world was fun. It has 5 races, 11 occupations, and 8 classes to choose from (including a vampire) which makes it fun and gives you variety. Another game I thought was pretty fun was Cabal Online. Not many races to choose from, but it has 6 classes and it has a wide variety of monsters to fight through, sadly I was not able to get very far into it cause of fps issues but it was fun with what I could play. Aion online was another interesting one. It boasts a huge crafting system for multiple jobs you can take, you can be a smith, or a sewer, even a alchemist and a cook. There is a interesting skill base as well as a level up system for your job skills such as gathering material to make potions and such. Those are just a few I can think of atm though sorry for the lack of info :P
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