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Originally Posted by Rarity
"Don't hate the game, hate the company that's running it!"
that's actually a pretty good motto for some game companies and even some of the fan bases. XD

At any rate, managed to pass mission 13 without the rocket launcher strategy, seems much easier to me to just avoid vergil/his blue rotating sword shield of painful death with trickster rather than trying to blow them up.

Passed 14 too and can safely say I hate fallens with a pretty large passion. On the bright side, only 5 more missions to do before I've beaten dmd mode.

From the SS rank DMD videos I watched (mainly just as a guide line, I'm nowhere near the skill level of being able to pull something nuts like that off), 15 seems okish after the fallen fight at the start, can't really remember 16 and 17, though I think there's a couple fallen fights there too. 18 is just a boss rush pretty much so hopefully shouldn't be too painful. 19 is going to be the "oh god why am I even trying to attempt this" mission most likely (no styles or dt for the second half of the fight, and the gimmick replacement, though kind of cool, is pretty ineffective), then 20 is just going to be learning how to deal with vergil and his swords when he goes BS mode.

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