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My gambler is 2134 and pure HP. I wouldn't recommend using just IR/PC as your main AoE skills. In my experience, it seems that you need a lot of HP for those two skills to deal significant damage. By significant, I mean 20-30k. My raccoon wears around 33k HP at the moment, but I find those two skills to be inferior to Full House most of the time. I guess it really depends on the map you're using them in. IR/PC deals more damage if the enemies are extremely close to you, and if there are no obstacles around them so that you can "push" them very far. The further you push them, the higher the damage. This becomes a problem when you have trees, pillars, rocks and stuff like that and there's just not enough room for you to do a lot of pushing. If the enemies are around the edge of a map, that's also not going to help. I've encountered this problem in Fiesta, Chaos Tower and most maps actually. Half the time, my IR does not OHKO. And don't even get me started on Power Charging. I don't really like it and hardly ever use it. It seems less accurate and just.. I don't know, it's meh. Their cooldown isn't exactly short, either.

Full House's recoil does hurt. With around 30k HP and 3-4k AP, each failed card deals about 3-4k damage back to me. I've heard that the more AP you have, the higher the recoil. Not 100% sure. All of this means that you'll have to be well supplied with HP potions - it's the price to pay for the convenience of a high-damage, fast cooldown AoE.

But Full House was the only reason I chose to be a Gambler. I really don't recommend leaving that skill out.

And I don't have the new skill yet, so I can't answer the last question. Sorry.

P.S. Tia! ;o; *jumps on*