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Originally Posted by KieranCarden
Just to put a warning out there:

Drawing2 on Fantasia ran off with my blood set after I stupidly decided to lend it out. Withdrew from the guild and everything.

Didn't screenshot as I had the "won't happen to me" syndrome, but it happens I suppose.

This is basically to prevent someone else from trusting him/her. I'm not overly bent out of shape about it, these things happen after all. But just to make sure someone else who is more attached to their items doesn't make the same mistake.
Actually Drawing2 "who I don't know at all " whispered one of my sis char saying something like " you should lend me your blood set to get the accessory" but she didn't respond , since we don't lend items out.Next day I saw his/her bunny wearing a full blood set and laying down in mega bank x.x.So after reading your post I just wanted to approve that he/she didn't have a set before.I hope that help since you didn't get any screenshot and I am really sorry for your loss :x.

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