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Wow, I've played for years and this is my first time doing this. O.O'
Okay no hating on me (please!), but when I first started Trickster (2007) I was in Legend - X as 7Dark7 until it disbanded. Anyways, it's waaay old news.
I'm DeathAngelMaka in Serenity Guild, but you may know me as RisaHime (Hysteria), SgtSagara (Requisition), or any of my Soul Eater characters running around, like DeathScytheSoul (Dead Girls Monster), etc.
I'm a girl, I'm 22 years old, I'm in South Florida, and I love Anime and Manga!
I'm also happy to help people, but I'm not dealing with moochers and scammers. I try my best and so should you.