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Default [SDGONA] October patch

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[SDGO] October Patch Notes

No. 7240 | Date: 10-10-2012

Bullet Rain

Greetings Pilots!

For October we are both proud and excited to present to you this extensive update!
Are you ready for the details? Read below to find out all the new stuff being added to SDGO!

[Mission – added]
- Into the Dawn Skies (Gundam SEED)

[Capsule Machines – added]
- Capsule Machine #48
- Capsule Machine #49

[Custom Capsule Machine – added]
- Gundam Leopard (B Rank)

[Units (Astros) – in-game shop]
- Gundam Heavyarms Custom (EW) (S Rank)
- Akatsuki Gundam (Oowashi) (S Rank)

[Units (Rental by Points/Astros) – in-game shop]
- Gundam Throne Drei (A Rank)
- Gundam Throne Eins (A Rank)
- Gundam Throne Zwei (A Rank)
- Unicorn Gundam (A Rank)

[Stickers – added]
- Clover Sticker
- Diamond Sticker
- Heart Sticker
- Spade Sticker
- Crossbone Vanguard Sticker
- “Determination” Sticker
- “Kill” Sticker
- “Victory” Sticker
- “Sincere” Sticker
- “Korea” Sticker

[Rare Capsule Hammers - Points/Astros]
- Rare Capsule Hammer (Points) has been added.
- Rare Capsules can no longer be obtained as of this maintenance.
- Rare Capsules will be deleted from your inventory after November patch update.

*Rare Capsule Hammer (Astros) will not be removed from shop as of this maintenance*

[Gashapon – Oct 11th edition]

[Gashapon - units]
- Duel Gundam Assault Shroud (AR Rank - 3 Slots)
- Qubeley Mk-II (AS Rank - 4 slots)
- Gaia Gundam (A Rank - 4 slots)
- Gold Frame Amatsu(Mina Custom) (BR Rank)
- Super Gundam (BR Rank)
- Z’Gok Char’s Custom (BS Rank)

[Gashapon - Etc.]
- Operator F (3 Days)
- Level Protectors x3
- Premium Teleport x70
- 10,000 Points
- Custom Upgrade Kit x25
- CM Coins x10

[UI Updates]
- New Unit Storage Tab has been added.
- New Graphic Options have been added.
- Mission Emblems have been added.
- Mission Grades will be given after completing a Mission.
- Search Settings option for Locked Rooms filter has been added.

[Rank System Updates]
- 5 Levels per each Rank has been added (required EXP for each Rank has been modified).
- Players with rank of Lt.Commander (LCDR) or above will not be able to gain User EXP from Missions.
- Players with rank of Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) or above will gain Points only from the Expert Channels.
- Players ranked Petty Officer First Class (PO1) are able to enter Expert Channel at will. Players at this rank may only Gift users who are of equal or lower rank.
- Players with rank of Chief Petty Officer (CPO) or above are able to Gift other players at will.
- Players ranked Deckhand to Petty Officer Second Class (PO2) will not be able to enter the Expert channels. Players at these ranks may only Gift players who are of equal or lower rank.
- Players ranked Trainee may only access to the Training Channels. Trainees can only gift players of equal rank.

[Mission/PvP Updates]
- AI Mode (Single/Team) has been added.
- Additional or Absence of Drops depending on User performance after successful completion of the Mission.
- Possible Item Drops after completion of PvP Matches, depending on User performance.

[General Fixes]
- Rank Titles have been changed.
- Multiple text bugs have been addressed.
- General bugs have been addressed.

Kind Regards,