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Default [SDGO TW] 10/9 October Patch

€ŠSD‹ˆ Online€‹

S Qubeley arrives for October patch, together with Alpha Azieru.

The plan for this month is Reborns. Good luck to those who want to build one. I know I can't.


(i) People who first join the game from 9 till 14 October can get prizes like 10,000G or 10,000G plus a hangar if they can hit a certain rank within the period of the event. And if they log in every day, they can get one 200 Experience Pack (Full) each day.

(ii) Those who register before 9th October, if they PvP 3 times (4 vs 4 matches) each day from 9th till 14th October, they can get prizes like 1000 Experience Pack (Full), Level Protect, etc...Full attendance will get you a Heavyarms (Homing missile).

(iii) There will be double experience and G on 9th and 10th October.

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