Thread: 1144 or 3123?
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Originally Posted by Valese
HP for PvM, HV for PvP. Btw, are you a Raccoon or a Cat, might help if you add that in your first post. :3

(Also I think you meant 3124, since you can't go 3123)
Oh, whoops! Thanks a lot. :P I edited the post, haha.

Originally Posted by Care
If you're not going to be able to manage 1,000 HV or so; it's best to just go HP in PvP. Personally, I feel that 3124 is the best build for any Charm Type (except Gambler), but if you're that worried about WT, then go 2134.

Cards weigh 0. Charms don't need more than 200 AC. You'll gain more (technically less) DX as you level, so you don't need gear for it.
Ohh, okay, alright. I don't think it used to weigh 0, I guess that changed. XD Thanks a lot!
Like Valese said though, if you can't dodge a Tetra, what good would HP do?

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