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almost half way through DMD mode, just passed mission 9 after a few deaths from stupid mistakes on my part. Mainly to the boss since I went in to attack when I should of held back a bit, her vertical lightning things are pretty nasty up close and come out fast.

It is the hardest mode, so attacks shave a metric crap ton of your health off and it just generally has to be played differently than the rest of the game. It's actually very fun though since it feels like I'm getting much better at the game after sitting down to play it for a bit each time.

At any rate, still have the two hardest missions to go and not really looking forward to those. Mission 12 with near constant health drain, enemies that hit for huge damage, and a (fairly easy to force into a loop) boss.

Mission 19 has a boss, but the boss has the annoying gimmick of taking away your most useful tools during the second half.

Still, despite that I want to try beating it XD

(so yeah, skyrim, java class, and dmc3 have kinda kidnapped me.)

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