Thread: 1144 or 3123?
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Default 1144 or 3123?

EDIT: I'm planning on a Diva :P
I want this character to be fully PvP equiped. She will be most likely pure HP, but I'm having a small dilemma between that and HV. The reason I think 1144 is good is because it's relatively easy to get high AP in-game anyway, and the extra LK and WT gives you more room for Cards and crits. My only concern is AC, and possibly DX. My equipment will mostly be comped with HP and HV, and AP for early levels. I don't have any concerns for grinding since I consider myself to be pretty patient.

As a secondary question, which one is better, pure HV or HP? I'm leaning more towards HP, but I'm not sure.
All help appreciated, thanks!

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