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Actually, there a lot of negative feelings toward HWS (at least being expressed in the forums) because of the noobishness of the suit.

There's actually a LOT less HWS floating around these days.

It's just still a very young community, so the average skill level is still relatively low.

But it is increasing.

People here, with years of experience, can probably go there and wipe the floor with most of the players.

Perhaps, if you were to spend time on the NA server, you might want to try "lower-tier-but-fun" suits instead of some of the more "finely-tuned" MS's you might play more often.

That way, you'd still be challenged by the limitations of the suit, but still get some enjoyment by playing a suit you like and using finely-honed skills to get the most out of it.

Just a suggestion, though. It might be worth a look after Wednesday night's patch.