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Originally Posted by Rare
I've had these two symptoms.

And here I was wondering why I have "This copy of Windows is not original" stuck on the bottom right of my screen all the time. |:


Does anyone know if this is reversible?
If your windows version becomes unverified, use this link to re-validate it.
Genuine Microsoft Software

Some food for thought about GG:
GG has existed and been used by almost every free MMO that has comes out of Asia due to availability of security software for games and affordability. Since INCA Internet (the company behind GG) is pretty much all Asia has for game security vs budget to hire another company to make a unique security, this is what I think happens to so many people's gaming woes when implemented.

Each game backed by GG security is running the same version, regardless of the game they play. Only a few edits to properties/attributes (ie configuration settings, the .ini file in GG folder) are quirked to half-ass match for said games purpose. The big problem here runs differently, meaning the use of different engines, coders who write unique code for their game, and style of game-play. Instead of having unique security to protect those aspects of the each game, you end up with a 'jack-of-all trades, master of none' type security. Something designed to take a guess when it thinks there is foul play going on.

So maybe FireFox's pop-up/ad block script sets off GG. Or media players get information action sets off GG. Or Photoshop's check drivers and ram sets off GG. The list goes on. This piece of crap security with configuration settings for the game only will have its mess-you-n'-your-computer-up action respond to anything that is not related to the game you play.

I'm guessing the main reason why GG came back is because the development is still handled overseas and their choices of security software are in virtually non-existent. Probably the most baffling thing about GG is the fact that there are HUNDREDS of "help me please, it's GG again" threads/posts and there are NO 100% fixed it answers (-edit- at least none with a consensus proven explanation). It is really a case of this world would be better off without them deal imo.

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