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Originally Posted by beef1218
I provided my IP and here is the shitty response I got:

親愛的玩家您好: 若您欲申請帳號複查,還需請您至會員中心下載客服表單與個人資料蒐集同意書,個人資料同意書部分,還請您簽 名後拍照,請勿直接打字,填寫完畢後還請您寄至,以 利人員為您協助,謝謝。
What. I never got that.

1st response, after telling them I played TW in Canada:

您好: 請您提供您的IP位置,以利人員進行查看,若您有遊戲其它疑問及建議歡迎您再回報,此端將會盡快為您服務, 謝謝。

Afterwards I gave them my IP. They changed it to this now:

您好: 您的ip已解除封鎖,請您再行確認,謝謝

Andy, did you give them your IP address in your first message? I didn't, I just explained the situation I was in. Then they asked me for my IP address.
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