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* breath big air* sigh....
ok 1st of all. that school or college or whatever. you NEED to do it if you wanna pass.
I'm going to devry Univerity and as much as I am excited to learn, I NEED read books and study if I'm going to pass school there.
you make it seem like we don't have a choice but to read books there or order to Graduate school.

there is a difference between WANTING and NEEDING.

I like reading books. reading the american history....LLAAAAAAAAAAMMEE.
but reading the 7 habit of highly effective teens, now that a great book .
now I'm not saying it bad to read american history but at the same time your sorta be force to read it if you want to pass class.........unless the teacher can actually making it interesting and learnable. then that great for everybody.

Originally Posted by Metty
It's times like this I wish we still had derep. Or a vote system to ban people.
well you can still dislike me on the reputation thingy.
I don't really care cuz it a way it pretty pointless.
it almost like youtube when EVERYBODY saids don't forget to LIKE, Favorite, comment, Share, and subscribe to this video.