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I'm...just gonna put my two cents in here before it closes, and I want you to read carefully and ponder on this for a bit, OP:

From what I've read (and can somewhat understand), you say you have a grudge against the 'respectable boy/man' persona in animes with cute and innocent 'babes.' Your argument is that any guy would take advantage of this situation and be driven to 'destroy her innocence,' because it's 'reality .'

My answer: It is not the reality of things. I have met cute and innocent single girls before. I'm more driven the hug the cute out of them, not hump it. I can say that I have been in a similar situation before...but with a rather ugly skank of a woman who locked me in her apartment. Needless to say, in both scenarios, no defiling would happen.


You're wondering what the animators/creators are thinking over in Japan.

My answer:
Originally Posted by MaidLatte
They just have ideas and they have the resources to put those ideas on a screen. So what Japan is thinking is: "Hey, it shows that sex/sex appeal sells and we have a lot of demand for it so let's throw that on a screen and make money! Yay money!"
As for how some Otaku (or whatever the hell they're called) Japanese would act upon this: well...there's always life-sized character bed pillows.


My advice: Don't mix reality with fantasy. Ever. As much as I wish dragons or Pokemon were real on my spare time, I know it'll never happen. And I won't allow myself to be stuck that way, always wondering pointlessly about it.

I don't know how old you are, OP. I don't care. But around these parts, some respect (and a little maturity) is appreciated when advice is given. If you're going to throw shit back at the help's face as deliberately as you have, I suggest you quit while your ahead, pack your things, and leave.

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