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Finally, Sakurako AND Kuusi's back.. I remember when they were sold seperately in MS, 5.4k for the hair pin &etc. :3

I still have a list of things I want back though as I believe these boxes &etc. were released when I'd already taken a break from the game.

I'll start off with the boxes:

Flower Girl Rin and Ring Bearer Ran [Missed]
- Got the Wedding Top Hat now though.

Ocean [Missed]
- I personally love the whole set, the shade of blue is really calming and pretty *^*

- The Aestra Shield, Knife & Hat just looked amazing (IMO). The gun wasn't too pretty though, to be honest.

Now the gacha towns:

Sunny Esther & Sunny Yupika
- Even though I already have the Hibiscus Accessory [Hat], it'd be nice to have the glasses, shield &etc. back! I'm not really concerned about its value/price dropping because I know I'll never sell them anyway, though others might get a little angry as they paid 1b+ for the items.

Beginner Town updated.
- I know this isn't really a "Wanted Return" but when was the last time this town was actually updated? What, 4 years ago? xD

Random Stuff:

Banker Hat

Momo Hairband
- These items are a little pricey and it'd be wonderful if others as well as myself could get these items again. Not everyone is able to spend over 1b for a little hat fuse.

Old players back. This game is quite anti-social (compared to other games) unless you go to active places such as PvP. By active, I don't mean Megalopolis where 80% of the players are AFK selling. I still remember the 93468923686 camps in Paradise, the mini O/X quizes held by actual players, random drama scenes and spam-buying tangerines on the Tutorial Map. (I still have a load of these<3)

Sometimes I actually enjoy our little "Map Fail Events" as it brings more people together but on the other hand, it also stops people from playing or players from being able to actually log in. Usually, when there's a Map Fail Event I tend to run around and find broken maps but during the last event, I couldn't even be bothered as they happen too often now. They didn't get fixed until 5 days later. I'd expected them to have fixed it on that Friday or Monday at the latest, but no..

I also believe that we honestly need a more caring team of staff members. As a pretty old player, I feel as if they don't care about us any more. They just care about our money (not that some other game staff &etc. don't as well). I do spend a lot of time and money on this game but I'm not sure if it's really worth it. To be honest, the reason to why I'm still playing is because of the people on the game. It's pretty sad to see the game dying slowly.. Sometimes I believe that Nexon>SGI/GameRage and Nexon practically has the worst name out there ever -Sorry to those Nexon game players our there!

Anyway, enough of my nackering ./coughs.. Back on topic!

The last things I want:

Events with pretty decent-looking equipment & a nice story to go with it.
- The last events I actually completed were last year's Summer Events which gave the Star Sweet and Moon Light items and the 2012 Valentine's Day Event which gave the Thomas' Valentine items and Heart Forms. I'm hoping for a lovely in-game event which isn't at all MyShop related for Halloween and/or Christmas.
GameGuard removed
- For obvious reasons.

A girl can dream, can't she?~

- Ly.

Tl;dr? What can I say.. Sorry?
P.S. @Cait/Mazuiko, hopefully the GMs see my post too? Haha.