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Default A little bit of GameGuard info

This thread mainly applies to those currently affected by GameGuard.

Much like a root-kit virus, GameGuard (GG) hides itself and attaches to system processes while making itself difficult to kill. The actual GG process isn't even shown when you check task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). Instead, what is visible are two processes called gamemon.des and gamemon64.des, these tasks can be near impossible to kill manually without rebooting the computer.

To start things off, ill just put my computer specs as a benchmark to show regardless if you have a high-end computer or low-end computer it will not make a difference. GG does not discriminate when it comes to messing you up.

The day after I came back from a small hiatus I had to update Trickster and much to my surprise GG came along with it. I've had plenty of bad experiences with it before but this time brings the threat level to a whole new level. It has been almost 1 week since I have returned to Trickster and my computer has already experienced multiple crashes/freezing/lock-ups. As well as various programs crashing such as my web browser (Under FireFox, Chrome and IE engines), Skype, and Windows Gadgets. In one instance my Windows became unverified after closing the client. In another instance after a crash my startup ent corrupt and I required an emergency startup repair.

Below I've attached a list of errors compiled in Windows Reliability Monitor.
All of which have occurred since GG was installed and running (while playing Trickster).

The reason why I list GG a threat is due to the fact it hooks itself onto running system processes. When GG does not operate properly and causes programs or the computer to crash, this also means those vital system processes/files have ended in an unsafe manner. Frequent freezing and crashing makes windows unstable (See chart below).

In conclusion
Now I'll get to my point here for anyone experiencing problems since installing GG.
If any of these errors occurred while playing Trickster, 99% chance it was due to GG:
Windows Aero (That glass effect on window borders) crashes
Graphics driver crashed for unknown reason
Blue screen
Sudden shut down/restart
Internet browser lag/crashing/freeze
Your version of Windows is no longer verified
You require a startup repair

If you've been turning off your anti-virus software, re-installing windows, or whatever crazy acts just to play Trickster; you need to think, is it worth it to go through all that trouble? Is it worth it to break your computer just to play this game? As long as GG implemented, then unfortunately, I won't be part of this wonderful community of players anymore. So for now, (or forever,) Good-bye to everyone in Trickster and a special farewell to those who know me.

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