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Default Fuses|Pets [F]

I'm in love with fuses +_+ so I need a price check for it in case...I paid/offer/sold extra or underprice stuff. Prices in both Galders and MS ty ^^

Little Yuri
Little Paul
Rachel's Beret
Pessimistic Pachi
Marvelous Mint
Darling Dorothy
Danihen Pets
Hawaiian Hairband
Detective Poirot
Frightening Lightning
Emo Rain Cloud
Eternal Sunshine
Charismatic Kochi
Little Bunny Maid
Bikini Mint
Lord Lycan (white/pink one if there's a diff)
Guild Intern Esther
Dark Shadow Headset
G-Clef Headset
Aria Hairclip
Black Bunny Ears
Primrose Cape

Panda Galore~ +rep if I helped(or if you love pandas too.)