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Default Problems with life.

Somethings are just so overwhelming, Things go over the top for me though, I'm a pretty relaxed dude and i do my relaxed things, Watch tv shows play my games and ocassionally try to finish some online classes that i need to, But my mother thinks that i'm always playing. That maybe true most of the times but why can't she understand that i do my work when i feel like it i know i have to do it because it's good for me if i want to finally be consider a high graduate but i feel like she should cut me some slack it's not all too easy as well. Life is tough sometimes i know she means well sometimes but sometimes i wish she'd let me be this is stuff i kind of need to do on my own, she's raised me good. So she has to rely on me. I don't know what i've been rambling about, Let me know what you guys think.