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Originally Posted by Rydia
I think the fact that they just threw all of these out at the same time with no announcement in a week where they are having so many issues just doesn't come off well. Is this suppose to be a sorry?
With so many good ways to say sorry, making you spend your money to get something is the worst choice. What are they thinking? On one side its normal that they want money even though a whole server can't play for days, but on the other side that's a stupid move considering the stress level a lot of ppl got from this errors with Trickster.

I think it would be nice if they give something, though i know it won't happen...but well, who can and want will enjoy for sure this items.

Edit: Im starting to believe this game has come to an end. But if ragnarok is alive till this day, why can't Trickster? (they are obvious not comparable, im just saying that a game can survive). Maybe they do want to rescue some players with those items and more ways to be an pretty easy game where u can buy whatever you need and have the option of having trouble.

I hope they don't close like, never. I really can play it for 10 years straight.

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