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yeah, re-adding gameguard was probably one of the worst moves they could've made. Didn't solve the major issue of map move fails, it's locking people out of the game, and the people lucky enough to be able to play mostly have to jump through hoops to play the game.

As far as tap spa's difficulty goes, can't complain much since this is what people asked for. Chaos tower seems to be considered "easy" despite having a final boss that is very capable of outright killing a lower geared player in one shot if it feels like it (could go as far as saying well geared too, I'd like to think my gunner is decent and a crit does 28k of his 31kish hp when the dragon does land a hit), extremely lengthy fight as a mage with no guardian either. So people got their difficult area, and now they're whining over it. 8D

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