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Default Levelling Speed Tier List

I just thought it'd be quite interesting to know what you guys believe are the classes that level fastest. Obviously there are many different viable builds in this game and equipment plays a big part in terms of levelling speed, but I don't really want to delve into all those factors at the moment.

Top Tier
Light Wizard/Witch
Soul Master
Dark Wizard/Witch

In terms of elements, I'd say Fire/Elec > Wind/Earth (or Wind/Water) in the long run.

High Tier
Thief Master
Cyber Hunter/Hunter Lord

Mid Tier
Dark Lord

Bottom Tier

Some people might consider Soul Master as faster levellers but I personally feel they may have difficulty surviving in some grinding areas. Also Light mages can just stack MA whereas a Soul Master may need to consider HP/DP equipment, making it harder to OHKO at certain places (although skills like Staff of Thunder help with that). I do think the better your equipment is, the more a SM outclasses a Light mage.

Gambler > Scientist due to more AoEs. Thief Masters have FoK (good cd time, good AoE and hits 7 targets at max) and RoK.