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Great update. It improves the product list to a more professional.

You could contact my char more active, that is: CiberEngineer
Server: Fantasia
Flames and Books you need to buy the products that they carry on in the name of the list "(MS)".

No.1 Bank iLoba.
Use and Etc.
Power Earring, 2m
Magic Earring x2, 2m
Sense Earring x4, 2m
CF's 20 - 335

Mega Flash Cut, 2m.
Salamander's Territory x4, 300k
Gnome's Domain, 300k
Hide x2, 2m
Sudden Attack x3, 2m

SC No.15, 45m.
Mistery Card, 1m
Captain Skull Card x2, 6.5m
Tutankhamen Card, 6.5m
Spirit of Icen Jin, Offer.
Arcana Brave Card x10, 200k
Arcana Brave Card x67, 200k
Arcana Brave Card x59, 200k
Arcana Brave Card x39, 200k
Lost God Left Wing, Offer.

Altiverse Equips.

Spiritual Sword [Lv7] (AP 364(618), DA 13, HV 20, 2s). 25m - 30m
Spiritual Staff (MA 12, LK 10(5) 1s Used). 1.2m
Spiritual Staff (MA 8, LK 10 3s). 8m
Spiritual Staff (MA 13, LK 5 1s). 1m
Spiritual Staff [Lv.5] (MA 21(23), LK 16 2s). 20m
Flash Bat Staff (MA 29, LK 16 1s). 1.5m
Maiden Queen Staff [Lv3] (MA 35(21), LK 18 1s). 2.5m
Spiritual Gun (AP 205, AC 7, LK 9 2s). 3.5m
Twist Crossbow [Lv5] (AP 245(269), AC 14, LK 14 2s). 5m
Twist Crossbow [Lv5] (AP 379(277), AC 9, LK 14 1s). 5.2m
Flash Bat Gun (AP 374, AC 19, LK 20 1s). 4m
Spiritual Tiara (AC 8, MD 106, LK 6, DP 124 1s). 3m
Twist Helm [Lv2] (AC 13, MD 138, LK 15, DP 209(83) 2s). 6.5m
Flash Bat Crown (AC 19, MD 256, LK 16, 193 1s). 3.8m
Spiritual Ring ( The Stats are bad, 1s). 3m
Twist Shield (MD 206, HP 409, DP 260). 3.2m

No.2 Bank CiberEngineer.
Pets (MS).
Egg Ghost, 20m
Spiker Tinnie, Offer.
Corvid, Offer.
No.3 Bank juul5.
Equips (MS).
Flower Cudgel, Offer.
Sturdy Robot Sword Form x2, Offer.
Sturdy Robot Hat Form, Offer.
Sturdy Robot Shield Form, Offer.
Butterfly Headband Form, Offer.
Vigor Shield, Offer.
Elencia Shield, Offer.
Hawaiin Shield, Offer.

Pet (MS)
Princess Odinea, Offer.