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Originally Posted by gryphus
You'd be surprised. I started this character Im doing the guide on 3 years ago. When there was only 2 or 3 cats that were 1144.

Ill fix the mix up just now. And I will say 1144 is a hard build, a build that is not idea for level 1-130, but Ideal when you are level 130+ and 3rd job.

Also, as build 1144, it is alot easier to use just 5 TM points for Galder Throw, just for Don. Remember in the Popurri Event, you always have a Masters Auth pop up xD
Yeah it was a lot more difficult back then without the Pharoah set, good quests and good items in general. Why do you think the build is ideal though?

And true point about the Master's Authority. However, is Galder Throw really worth it.