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Okay, I'll give advice for magic user, too:

Floor 1: Sponge and Chair
All sponges start using non element magic skill when damaged, and it's pretty weak, too. So some mage may want to aoe them. Otherwise, they go down on 2 hit arrow rush at 1k ma.
Chair maybe a bit problem since they hit hard and accurate. Non light mage may want to have over 10k hp to avoid 1hko from them. Other than that they go down in 2 hit arrow rush, too like Sponges.

Floor 2: Spa snake and Chair.
For chair, same as floor 1.
Spa snakes aren't much stronger than sponge except for they randomly throw shard of glacier which may be annoying when you're surrounded by them. Shard starts to hurt, too so some of you may want to keep your mana shield up if you have them.

Floor 3: David, Darcy and Herb Shell
For David, if you can 1hko them with arrow rush or any other skill, just do so. Otherwise, try to hunt them 1:1 only. For dark mage, it's best that you don't use dark barrier at all because they start to use faint when they are hit and use guard break when they're near dead. Their normal attack hit hard, too about 10k for me, and when their hp is low they hit like 15k.
Darcy, if you have high lk and hv, Darcy isn't a threat for you unless they're close to near dead David. Darcy have more hp and need 3 arrow rush to take down, and using Berserk when low on hp. I haven't get hit from berserk Darcy yet so I don't know how much damage, but normally, I get hit for about 16~17k damage crit. So if you can't take down Darcy in 2 hit, you may want to use dot like Wicked Flame of Phoenix rising and run away, waiting for them to die.
Herb Shell: Herb Shell hit for 8k normal with normal attack and low accuracy which isn't much a threat if you have soh or high hp. When get hit, they starts using mana web or drip bomb + water web ( need confirm ) to increase your dx which do nothing to mage then start spamming aqua bomb that you need to watch out for since it do high damage. So if you have mana shield, keep it up.
On side note for soul master or water/electric witch/wizard: spam your space/territory/playground/domain/garden is a great help as you can 1hko monster inside it, otherwise, shard + thunderbolt helps, too.

Floor 4: Lizard and sea horse
Lizard: same as David on floor 3 except for they have higher hp. I still 1hko them with arrow rush so i haven't seen they explode yet. but if you cant 1hko them, you may want to keep distance. Btw, they hit for 15k damage with higher accuracy than David.
Sea horse: Those are really pain to kill. Their scorching earth are the same as magic skill from sponge so only use mana shield if you find it hurt. They hit me for 5k damage crit which isn't high but they have high accuracy so you'll get hit often if you don't have high enough lk/hv. They have high md too so forget about using arrow rush on them ( 5 or more arrow rush to take one down), using single hit damage skill or dot is another option but it's best if you use space skill. I hit them for 3k damage with Dragon Storm (1k MA) and with space : 22k. See the difference? But they have about 24~25k hp ( need confirm ) so I cant 1hko sea horse with any of my skill D:

These are all from my experience after dying nearly 100 times from past 4 days. Hope it help!

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