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Their request regarding GameGuard

Dear zemega, Thank you for contacting us. A SG Interactive representative will be contacting you soon. Your Question : Just to raise a question. Assume GameGuard is back, implemented and it is necessary to run GameGuard when playing Trickster. If we bypass the GameGuard and run Trickster without running GameGuard, doesn't that raise a flag somewhere? because it will look like we're hacking, and possibly get permanent ban. Our Answer:
Hello zemega,

Thank you for contacting the Trickster Online 1:1 support team. I understand you would like to know if bypassing GameGuard will get you banned. We do not recommend altering with the game files as this is against the Terms Of Use. We are currently asking those players experiencing issues with GameGuard to please provide their DXDIAG Report.

To get this file please follow these instructions.
Click on the ‘Start’ logo located on the bottom right hand corner of your window.

Under the ‘Search’ Field please enter ‘run’

When the new window opens, please type ‘dxdiag’ and click ‘OK’

Please let the process run and once it’s completed, click on ‘Save All Information’ and save it to your desktop.

Next open the file that was saved on your desktop and copy and paste all that information into your 1:1 support ticket. We will also need the name of the antivirus program you currently have installed on your computer and what steps if any you have taken to try and resolve this issue on your end.

The last step is to submit your ticket to us and we will handle the rest.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation regarding this issue. As soon as we have any news or updates regarding this matter, we will make an announcement on the Trickster website ( Welcome to Trickster Online)

Until this issue is officially resolved you could also try the following.

After you have download the Trickster file onto your computer, before you install it, you should provide or make "exceptions" (put Trickster in the list of safe programs) for Trickster components such as Trickster.exe or main.exe so that the game can pass through any security settings you may have enabled. You may also choose to bypass your antivirus program while the installation is taking place but be sure that you do not have anything else running on the background.

Some antivirus programs such as Trend Micro and Avast have been known to recently cause issues with Trickster. If you are using either of these two programs you may want to try using different software to see if this helps. Once again we thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to hearing again from you with your dxdiag report.


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