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wwwdots has a little shameless behaviour in the past

lion have to pack a punch, they have no form of shielding skill, cant take a hit from any class. so they have to kill before killed. well luck was their only form of shielding against mages and its something they dominated over, well now not so much. unless you suppose they go hp heavy as well not sure what good does it do. 50k total of double shot? hmm arent every other class can easly surpass that amount?

right sense specificly lions can get luck easier to dodge spells, but with that 3/7 arrow hits them how they gonna tank it? did u miss when u had to fight that 50k dmg lion or were u unable to 1 shot them?

i was a pure luck dark once when pvp/gvg was more popular. i had 3 sets of all luck, hp, ma all and served its purpose. then i siwtched to light, not gonna switch back and spend thousands of ms to prove a point. i was NOT saying dark witch shuld go full blown luck and nothign else. the point i was making luck still server a purpose. they just need enough to ensure the electric skill doesnt miss (or any other important skill) regardless what class they are facing. i was also pointing out light has the room to for luck, they could throw it into hv/ hp too if they like as their 2nd stat. and to think like lions, kill first instead of worrying taking a hit. regardles how much hp one has, enough dmg and enough accuracy to 1 shot. thats one really need.