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Originally Posted by SnowBerry
5.Highly recommend 1.5K MA+ and 800LK.
Umm...ok I've only recently come back to TO but how are those sorts of numbers even feasible without spending a shedload of cash? (which surely defeats the object of hunting boss gears in the first place). With full 210 Amelie set my lv 227 sheep has a mere 770ish MA and 350ish LK. I know at the moment she's a long way from 300, but even with say a well refined altiverse staff and lk comped on everything I'm sure I'll still be well short of those minimum requirements. I guess as well my lion would need about the same sort of LK, without the benefit of rust... maybe I should just quit again. Or form a party...but wait, nobody does that anymore. Lalala~

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