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Default S> a lot of unfuse items 5m each (F)

IGN: GloryGlory
Server: Fantasia
Item to sell : all item and pet are pls provide your flame or book! All item under 10m!
1/Dark Shadow Girl Shield (3x)-5m
2/Dark Shadow Girl Scythe - 5m
3/Star cape(2x) -5m
4/Siffleur Staff - 5m
5/Panave staff- 5m
6/Siffleur hat -5m
7/Dark Shadow Girl Headset -5m
8/Hawaiian headband- 5m
9/Inflatble Boat Shield- 5m
10/Kerberus SHield (2x)- 5m
11/Bride Venus - 10m
12/Bride La Befana (2x) -10m
13/Count Family mantle - 30m
I always online so pm me if you intersting!