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Originally Posted by Rarity
I buy MyShop and I don't plan on buying the stamps if they ever do come out to eTO. '-' I'd rather have permanent equipment and at least something I know I can get a use out of (such at WT pouches/driller pets). I see no point in the stamps at all. Personally, I think they suck, but there really isn't any reason for anyone to flip out over them. If you don't want to buy them, just don't. Of course, this is coming from someone who rather gets her uniques the ol' fashun'd way and dislikes PvP, so I cannot comment nor will I assume for the rest who do PvP/buys their uniques.

And let's not forget that they are a business... lols... They make poor choices in most people's point of view, sure. But still a business, so I hardly see any greed. :x Just poor choices.
Yeah I wish all the players thought like you but they don't. People will buy stamps, not everyone but some of them will.

It is a business and to be honest, I'm impressed someone like you, who prefer to hunt uniques the "ol' fashun'd" way and dislikes pvp don't see the greed of this company.

The purpose of a cash shop is to HELP people who pays for it as long as people who can't pay for it are also able do the same things with less ease, which is not the case in this game. So yes, it is a greedy company, a greedy business.