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Originally Posted by gryphus
I will warn you, with this build, you are sacrificing alot of AP and AC. This build does work with your WT LK and DA being higher than others, so it is Ideal for long and heavy quests including Boss Trials, like Tombeth.

1 Power, 1 Magic, 4 Sense, 4 Charm.

Within the Build, I will explain that you can do what other 1144 Diva’s have done, and there is very few, which is to put 2 points on HV and 2 points onto LK. I was different, I just focused on pure HV.
Wow 1144 is getting really popular nowadays. Isn't it really just for the WT?

Power Blow.
Handy if you are going Prima, I never bothered with levelling power blow, so as it stands on my Diva, Power Blow is sitting at lvl 2.
Dodge Master, I highly recommend you learn this, and Master it using 2 Hula Octopus Cards as soon as possible, as it boosts your HV for a set period of time, aka 45% for 120 Seconds if Mastered.
You mixed in Dodge Master with Power Blow.

Imo, if you are going to go 1144, it is definitely a long hard road if you don't have the Pharoah stuff. I personally would not recommend it for beginners (it's too annoying until you get Volley Kick) but I guess quests nowadays makes things easier...

Also I would not recommend Power Blow for a Diva. Too weak and is so outclassed by the spammable Volley Kick.

Galder Thrower.
I will state, amongst being one of the most useless skills you can have, it is one of the most Useful skills at level 80, when doing Episode 2, in the fight against Don Guivanni. So highly recommend learning this, and levelling it to atleast level 3 for when fighting Don Guivanni. This makes the fight, 10 times easier.
I would not recommend Galder Throw at all. It's only an extra 300 - 450 damage at level 3 (for 5 TM points). I don't think you'd ever use it again so it's a bit of a waste...

I'd rather get Sturdy Shield and Skunk Pouch.