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I recently encountered a GameGuard problem with another MMO called SevenCore online.

It gave me GameGuard error 114 (means GameGuard failed to start or clashed with other programs)

Immediately, I searched Google for solutions. You can try some of these like:

[1] Allow GameGuard from Trickster Online to bypass your pc's firewall
[2] Turn off firewall completely
[3] Delete the GameGuard files in the folder, then patch again
[4] If 1 and 2 don't work, maybe exempt GameGuard from your AntiVirus software
[5] End programs that may potentially clash with GameGuard
[6] Now my computer had this problem: something screwed up in my pc, so I formatted my drive and reinstall OS. Got the game to run successfully afterwards

Not sure if these will work....
Good luck though

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