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Originally Posted by Rarity
I buy MyShop and I don't plan on buying the stamps if they ever do come out to eTO. '-' I'd rather have permanent equipment and at least something I know I can get a use out of (such at WT pouches/driller pets). I see no point in the stamps at all. Personally, I think they suck, but there really isn't any reason for anyone to flip out over them. If you don't want to buy them, just don't. Of course, this is coming from someone who rather gets her uniques the ol' fashun'd way and dislikes PvP, so I cannot comment nor will I assume for the rest who do PvP/buys their uniques.

And let's not forget that they are a business... lols... They make poor choices in most people's point of view, sure. But still a business, so I hardly see any greed. :x Just poor choices.
I concur.

It's a disgrace how everyone complains about myshop and the cost and whinge whinge whinge. The game is F2P - if you don't like it or disagree with a "company" who needs to make money to keep running then I suggest leave and go play marbles.

Those people who continually whinge and whine about ms and prices obviously have only recently come out of hibernation from their cave as they have no idea of the real world.

Myshop ensures that the game continues, updates, new events, support, etc. There are many varied and diverse business models that games use, this is a COMMON model for F2P.

I too look at some of their choices and think "were they drunk when they thought of this?" but in the end they have to do something to keep money rolling in to ensure the continuity of the game and it's associates.

If you dont have a job and cant afford it is that the Business owners fault? Do you want banks (who are businesses) to start giving you free money? Free petrol at service stations ? Come on ... wake up and smell the roses.

I've worked in small business, enterprise and international corporate and government. It's basic economics, no money coming in, monies going out equals bye bye Business.


P.S. As to KungFuPets statement - 110% agree. If you don't "like" myshop then DONT BUY IT. No-one is forcing you too. In fact it might be far better if you spend your money on a box of tissues so you can go have a little cry.

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