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Default Gryphus' Guide to 1144 Diva

I will warn you, with this build, you are sacrificing alot of AP and AC. This build does work with your WT LK and DA being higher than others, so it is Ideal for long and heavy quests including Boss Trials, like Tombeth.

1 Power, 1 Magic, 4 Sense, 4 Charm.

Within the Build, I will explain that you can do what other 1144 Diva’s have done, and there is very few, which is to put 2 points on HV and 2 points onto LK. I was different, I just focused on pure HV.

To start of with, I will not be saying, do this quest, do that quest. I recommend you do every quest you can, for TM and Base Levels.

First of all, as you start, follow the Tutorial, and be prepared. Killing monsters with your AP will be like hitting them with a 1441, or 1432 Sheep/Dragon.

You can find all quest information on GGFTW’s Wiki for Trickster.

Anyway, lets start with equips:

Basic equips are easy to get, but from level 1 to 130, you will be in the highest area of struggling, as I found out.
Your best bet is as soon as you hit level 35, get the Pharoah set. It is a must for easier levelling no matter what level you are, and it can go very far.

Do not bother with any other Boss Uniques through out the levelling, up, as they can make things easier, but you will have to focus on your skills, and accessories. This build isn’t for the faint of hearted, you may have to revert to MyShop equips at a higher level.

For your skills.

Model [First Job]

You will get Warm Up, the first skill, that costs 0 points. I never started adding my points to my stats until level 30, and used my skill points at lvl 30.

Power Blow.
Handy if you are going Prima, I never bothered with levelling power blow, so as it stands on my Diva, Power Blow is sitting at lvl 2.

Dodge Master.
I highly recommend you learn this, and Master it using 2 Hula Octopus Cards as soon as possible, as it boosts your HV for a set period of time, aka 45% for 120 Seconds if Mastered.

Galder Thrower.
I will state, amongst being one of the most useless skills you can have, it is one of the most Useful skills at level 80, when doing Episode 2, in the fight against Don Guivanni. So highly recommend learning this, and levelling it to atleast level 3 for when fighting Don Guivanni. This makes the fight, 10 times easier.

Mana Reflector.
This is one of the most underestimated Skills, so again, for the sake of bossing and Don Guivanni, or Chaos Tower, you should Master this skill as soon as. Im a PvPer so I use this skill every day.

Shield All.
One of the 2 skills that boost you DP. Highly recommended if you are hunting bosses, and joining a Party for them or working alone. Not Nessery to learn at a low level, maybe at level 110. But if using, Level 10 is handy.

Sturdy Shield.
The other skill that boost DP, but on yourself. Master this if you plan to boss, or plan to PvP at a higher level, again I would recommend leaving it until you are level 90.

Skunk pouch.
This is the only handy skill for bossing to “faint” the boss, as in stop them from moving. Idea for Don Guivanni, but still, I would recommend you use Galder Thrower. Mastering this skill is handy for bosses, as it freezes them for 12 seconds.

Physical Training.
This Skill is a must, and you have to master it. It boosts your HP, meaning you have more HP, more you will survive.

Second Job Skills [Entertainer]

Volley Kick.
A skill that is based off AP and HP. I highly recommend you learn this, and Master it, as it deals more damage than Power Blow, and is repeatable as fast as possible due to a short cooldown time.

Team Bolster.
Raises DP higher to all Party members with Level 10 Shield All. Means More party members in the vincinity of the skill, the more DP everyone gets. Its a Passive Skill, so it has one level, learn it when you have level 10 Shield All. Comes in very handy.

Sumo Suit.
This skill reduces the damage you take. If learning this, you will notice that you are best using it when mastered. It is very effective with Mana Reflector. So highly recommended if you are bossing or going into pvp.

This is all the info you need for the First and Second Job Skills. I am currently working on the Guide, afterall I made my Diva, 3 years ago, before “Trickster Season 2”, which was before Chaos Tower was introduced into Caballa Relics, and before the New Tutorial.

More to follow....
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