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Originally Posted by MarkM
The stamps are bad for the stats but for the drop rate one, justify the horrid trials and the banish.

Say what you want but in my opinion as alti equips (that can have 4 slots) have much higher stats are much easier to obtain I would say that besides the extra slot that boss sets have, they are somewhat redundant and far too much effort to hunt for. Its only the quest thats the main benefit and as i dont begrudge people doing the trials for exp and the acc to keep it exclusive to thos who can either buy or spend most of their time hunting, im glad they will hopefully be more available now with these stamps and it makes the prices of boss sets decrease.
Players who buy mypoints will spend their money on stamps. Everybody knows we are talking about a greedy company here and as long as this is true, they will want you to buy more points so, in theory, the stamps won't be very effective.

The price of uniques will remain the same while there will be less MS points on the market, increasing its price, messing up even more the economy.