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Default Skillset for Attack Minstrel (Self-Sub)

Hello everyone! It's me again. And i finally got my first 140! Yay!

Ok so, I feel that instead of begging people for help that i would make myself useful and sub myself. After getting maes, i would reskill and be pure support (so no fortissimo). Alot of conflicting information on google..

A abit about my wealth and equipments:
Poor. Using lvl 80 guitar and 140 water stone. Have a sirop function set. Gear is a mix(+0 ~ +4) of Magic set. Unable to afford many spams.

Question: For a Pure Attack Minstrel(for self-subbing purposes),
1. Do i need to add water skills? Some people say evil sound outdamages it
2. What Buffs do i need?
3. Which misc tree?
4. Mastery?
5. Corola VS Javawalk (both not enchanted) or any other recommendation? No Coli because i am not going to be a Minstrel forever.
6. Which adv coli accesory set?

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