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Originally Posted by Bolter
don't you know that many people are very interested in Hentai these days?
and THAT is exactly my point....

Originally Posted by Care
Having the urge to do it but not doing it is not exactly complete self-control. You shouldn't even be thinking about it.

I don't think anyone in this thread understands your logic, or you in general, for that matter - because I surely don't. You're sick if you honestly want to do such a thing to an innocent child.
I see two things in this comment.
1) your heart is the truth.
2) your mind is the lie.

considering this... it only lolicon. it don't make you a Pedofile ...or does it ?

Originally Posted by LauraMix
At least it's Anime.
at least somebody get the idea...

I'm sorry but...I think you guys lost the whole Idea is to why I made this tread in the 1st place

it seem none of you have a Legit answer...