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Originally Posted by Kenzor
So basically...

This rant is about you being jealous of characters in an anime because they have your waifu and you don't

Interesting rant.

Btw it's called self control, people have it in real life believe it or not.
Jealous ? I didn't say anything about being jealous o.o. I'm just saying, that kind of opportunity is crazy to miss out on.

now if I was that guy. I MIGHT go for it. now I Have self Control but at the same time I just want to RUUUUUUIIINNNN.....The cute and innocent.
Think about it this way and my apologize for what I'm about to say. Tap dat loli ?

the question is...
to be or not to be. that is the question....

Originally Posted by Harlequin
Sober people with some damn sense don't go around slinging D at every piece of ass they see.
True you right my sig, but dog, the temptation in that video Was TO...GOT.....DANG...HIGH. it was like the highest my dude.

Originally Posted by Veloze
Wendy, you obviously don't know people.
that................could mostly likely be true =/...
I blame youtube comments.

Originally Posted by AlphaXAbsolution
In the middle of watching that top video anime. School Days was horrible to watch.
Anyway...Life just sucks >o>..... Either way live it out to your best :I.
I should have include Deadmen Wonderland but oh well...

but does anybody know what Japan thinks ? ANYBODY??? I JUST GOTTA FREAKING KNOW!