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Default Cursor lock problem

Recently I got a new computer and I redownloaded trickster. I got a new samsung with a synaptics touchpad 7.5. I've come across the problem when ive been in pvp or fiesta that when i type and try to move the cursor at the same time the cursor wont move and its really annoying. It kinda just.. freezes or locks up rather. Is there any way to fix this? I've looked at several websites and I couldn't figure out what to do.
Any help or ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated..
Thanks for looking at this!
-hope i did this right, lol. i can give any other information you may need, just ask me to specify and i'll do my best-

(An example of the problem would be spamming pots and trying to move around. I can only spam pots and dont have the ability to change the way I'm moving.)