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Default Ciber's Shop [F]

Hello, Welcome to my store.
Because if I close my stores and is for the following reason; afraid that someone wants something and without prior advice alla already sold or is not aware of what you ask in the forum and in the game.
So I've had the pleasure of placing only the items I sell and I will be more aware of what you put.

If you want to see the stats of any team can comment on this topic or contact my char. "iLoba".
The server is "Fantasia" for contact items in the char "iLoba" and if I'm not in that can see me more often in "CiberEngineer or Wineth".

Green Sprout Straw Hat Form. 5m
Ult. Wood Helmet, Fuse with Gentleman's Fedora 40. Offer
Ult. Steel Helmet, Fuse with Active Helmet. 15m
Ult. Nasal Helm, Fuse with ?. Offer
Ult. Headpiece [3s]. 5m
Alt. Twist Helm [Lv2, 2s]. 7m

Master Long Sword [Lv3, 2s Used +72% Fire Attr]. Offer
Ult. Saber [Lv5, 2s]. 5m
Ult. Shotel x2 [Lv5, 3s]. 8m and 6m
Art Wakizashi [Lv2, 2s]. 5m
Requiem Shamshir [Lv2, 3s Used +24 AC]. 7.2m
Alt. Spiritual Sword [Lv7, 2s Used +71% Water Attr], Fuse with ?. Offer
Edge Knife, Fuse with Danihen's Cane Sword. Offer

Sun Silver Rod [Lv4, 2s Used +13 Lk]. Offer
Ult. Silver Rod [3s]. 5m
Requiem Lunar Stick [2s]. Offer
Alt. Spiritual Staff [1s Used +5 Lk]. 2m
Alt. Flash Bat Staff [1s]. 2m
Alt. Maiden Queen Staff [Lv3 MA Base 35 + 21, 1s]. 3.5m

Indina Rifle, Fuse with ?. 50m
Ult. Pierce Gun [3s]. 5m and 6.5m
Alt. Twist Crossbow [Lv5 2s, Lv3 1s]. 4m and 8m

Cleam Shield, Fuse whith ?. Offer
F-Clef Shield, Fuse whith Danihen's Locked Shield. Offer
Ult. Mithril Shield [Lv3, 3s]. 6m

Poppuri Pendant [2s +1349 HP]. 10m
Jia's Amulet [2s +1026 HP]. 6m
Feast Pierce [2s +10 AC]. 15m

Fairy Mite [+ 4 MA]. 12m
Fairy Poppurisia 120. 10m
Fuzzels 130 x1, 160 x2 and 190m x1. 3.5m ea.

Lv. 100 GB. 3m
Lv. 180 GB x5. 3.5m
Power Earring x2. 3m
Magic Earring x2. 3m
Sense Earring x2. 3m
CF 20 - 305