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Hunter124Gamma will become famous soon enough
IGN: Hunter124Gamma
Class: Explorer to_fox
Level: 115
Guild: Serenity

So, erm, hai dere.
I'm Hunter124Gamma. Hunter, Gamma, really it doesn't matter. I'm the 2nd banana to Cait for Serenity.
I've hit the wall at the unripened old age of 23, so forgive my snobbery, and cantankerous bile. Comes with the senility and the pretentious baguette of pretentiousness. ;(
I'm a mummer, or a wanna-be actor with some actual theatrical experience. I have some background in psychology, and I wanna study both that and theater for alternative therapy.

What do I do in my spare time, if I'm not trolling about, or stewing about in an evil aura?
I'm most likely job-hunting, sewing, playing video games, sketching out a costume/working on artistic skill, reading, or watching some documentary (but I do have a weakness for Gordon Ramsay..I'm sorry, I can't help it. ) If not, you'll actually find me doing charity work while cosplaying, if not trying to help charities and doing volunteer work.