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Originally Posted by Gaap
Halp. I want a good name for Gaap's Mighty Digrim..

Well then lets see ...
*notice appears * Insert coin to continue ~! *cling*
Level 1 Start ...

~ *Le zomg, your Digrim has just evolved into ... "Digros" *cough*
Yes, you could go with le pokemon version

Then you could go with Siferum, cause it sounds cool xD

Ermm... then we have wizard names, Svalbard Silverhand, Rehard Blackdagger
Eustus Godspell, Winderbrum Macebringer and so forth and on and latryla ...

And then we has le latin names...

Something like, Rannulfus, Oedipus, Patricius, Phanes, Phoebus, Ramirus, Severus, and soo on ...

Then we has what you call mash-em-up names ~! My favorite category ~!
Pretty much combine what ever comes to your mind until you get something you like >u< ~!

BOOMFIST~! (lol) Every time I hear that word I run away scared
GRIMMLAUGHTER was a favorite one of mine, especially for trolling...
DEATHWATCH sounds pretty neat and scary at the same time

or you could go with something less threatning ...

Like Darkcalories or Overweight or Blacksugar or could call him Pudding, everyone loves pudding 8D ~! *cough*

Anyways, try out different names until you get something you like ^.^