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Default [NA] SwordArtOnline


First off, Welcome to SAO (the original SAO, not those imitation guilds that have been showing up lately...). Formed back in July 13th, and usually a hundred members strong, we’re proud of our guild, and not afraid to show it. We always try to keep busy, and can do anything from PvE to PvP. We’re one big, happy (if sometimes dysfunctional) family, here, and both newer players and long time veterans are more than welcome. We’re always looking for new members, so don’t be afraid to apply. So, now that the formalities are out of the way, enjoy your stay at SAO~

Guild Name:

As you can guess this name came from the legendary light novel released back in April, 2009 or as some people know it,from the recently released anime during summer 2012. SAO is a story about our protagonist Kirito, 1 of ten-thousand players stuck in the <<death game>> , known as SwordArtOnline, where dying in-game meant dying in real life. The story takes place inside of the game on an enormous floating castle named <<Aincrad>> made up of 100 floors. To beat the game and to be released back into the real world, all 100 floors must be cleared. Avoiding others, distinguishing himself as a solo player he aims to clear the game by reaching the highest floor alone. Because of a pushy invitation from a female rapier expert, Asuna,he teamed up with her. This encounter brought upon an opportunity to call out to the fated Kirito.

Guild Info

Guild Level:
Guild Skills:
100Attack 50 M.Def/50% more mana when attacked/4% chance of healing 120%hp of damage taken
Genesis Blessing is used on Hero’sSacrifice-100% chance to heal party member x% in PvE/PvP

Guild Rules:
Don’t be inactive for more than 10days –(Unless you have a reason/mail GM why).
Be friendly. Make a good example of yourself; positivity goes a long way.
No harassing other players. Not everyone can be everywhere at once; keep that in mind. No spamming in guild chat. No one wants to hear the same message 5 times in a row.
If you’ve got a question about anything, feel free to ask anyone. We’re always open.

How ranking works:
Member: As soon as you join
Veteran: Lv40+ and must have been in the guild for over a week
( PM the GM or one of the admins if your eligible to become 1 and still not 1)
Officers: Admins/GM decides who is eligible

Requirements/How to Join:
Leave your IGN/Level/Class HERE, you can apply on the board if our Ad. is up or you can contact CryMore/ZaGureto in game by mail or whisper (Mail if no response)
Also if you to join and the guild is full, you will be put on a waiting list till some is kicked due to inactivity or any other reason(Leave IGN) You'll be contacted as soon a spot becomes available.

Current Space: 100/100 (more room opening up soon~)

Guild GM/
CryMore - LK

ZaGureto - IP (That's meeeee~)

ReiOGAMI - RF ( but he got lazy)
Yuikanata – CN (Night time officer-Lives in Asia/EU)
Shokushu - GA(Night time officer-Lives in Asia/EU)
(There are other high ranking players, but I just included the ones that are on most of the time)

Guild Events:
We have a random guild spar every now and then. Usually hosted on the weekends during the night. This is plainly done for fun and to connect with fellow guildies. Our guild spars are usually done as 4v4 or lower if not enough people join.

Our incredibly random guild spars that we have several times a week will now ALSO have fixed times

Friday/Saturday/Sundays: Starts at 8PM - PDT -Server Time (or later if due to something~)

Current Score


There are two team just to keep everything fair:
Team Cry (SS)and Team Rei (SS)

That sig. that should be here D:

Page made by: CryMore and ZaGureto< Thnx

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