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IGN: Steamdrill
Class: Taco Hunter to_scientist
Level: OVER 9000!!!
Guild: «Firefly»
Exclamation Le «Introduce Yourself» Page!

New to the guild?!
Need somewhere to introduce yourself?
Look no further, because this is just the thread for that!

Feel free to tell us EVERYTHING, or anything about yourself such as :
age, name, name preference, hobbies, shoe size, hat size, credit card #'s ;D
Anything that will let us know what kind of person you are, and what you feel
comfortable saying.

I'll start this off ofc~

Hi! My name is Steamdrill, real name is Vincent, but nowadays I prefer James, and I am a really random person. I like to play lots of games, and most of my game time is either on my PS3, or Trix. Oh, and I like tacos A LOT for some reason :3. My sense of humor is very corrupt, so be
careful of what you say around me
I'm 18, in college, and yea. If you want to know more, just talk to me,
I don't bite ... hard.