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Originally Posted by Swadloon
To anyone who thinks this is just "complaining" you're completely missing the point. Of course we want to game to be protected, but using Gameguard is a lousy option because of its tendency to clash with other programs and capable of being a hindrance to some people. Its completely understandable that people would be angry and concerned about possibly not being able to play again.

If you looked at the last few posts you would have saw that even though they added it during maint at first, they actually removed Gameguard from the patch a couple of hours before maint ended for unknown reasons. However, they stated in the patch notes that Gameguard was added, which would seem to imply that they were intending to add it but took it out because of a problem or something, but since they mentioned they were adding it in the patch there is a possible threat that they could add it again in a future maint. Of course theres no way to know for sure so arguing about it now and pointing fingers is pointless, all we can do is wait and hope they don't do anything stupid next maintenance.
Very sensible!! I hope I dont get butt penetrated like last gameguard thingeh!! I also heard about all Map Fails... are those gone now or??