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You nearly killed me with that tug toner, dude. Almost spit soda all over my keyboard, that would have sucked.

Oh, something I thought was interesting since for some reason no one found it important enough to warrant a thread about the attack in News & Current Events so I can mention it. But that embassy attack the other day, one of the guys killed was more or less a high profile player in EVE. From what I understand he was an accomplished diplomat and affected large parts of the game. Much of the community did something to recognize his death, like jettisoning cargo near the central hub with RIP messages or renaming their bases and shit. It's sad but at the same time I thought it was fairly interesting that one single person had affected the game and community so much. From what I've read, people who were talking to him at the time of the attack said his last words were "F--K. gunfire" before he logged off and never came back.


idkkk I just found it really intriguing :c


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