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Default 9/20 update deep striker

deep striker SR

zeta unit 3
says its a rock
it also has the wrist wire thingy as a weapon
skill set is newtype awakening and limiter removal EX

system changes
-you get more points and exp if there are stars in the room(10%, works only for experts pvp)
-adding "secret shop" which lets you buy random stuff after a certain number of non-single games
-changing option window to be more "specific"

i hate bb senshi

zeta mission
gives you GM cannon II(AEUG) and Gundam MKII(titans unit 2)

A rank cap with 3 traps, again

rare capsule event
also has point hammers

zabanya, harute, azieru, raphael, xi, penelope, z2, banshee packages are all available in secret shop...randomly

SS arios askalon, char's zaku and re-gz BWS are being added to lab, the last one permanently
Pazabi OCEX Rau Dinn OCEX Rocknanju OC6 HiNu OC6 Scizabi OC6 HWS OC6 GundamMC OC6 BR Rezel OC6 Quess Doga OC6 Char Zaku OC6 Geara Doga OC6 Stark Jegan OC6 Wing EW OC6 NGC OC6 Scinanju OC5 ARPA OC5 BD3 OC5 007 OC5

^all gone/currently have *v*
Rezel OC6 BB senshi hyaku shiki OC6 Kaempfer OC6 Missile GINN OC6 Sinanju OC5 Zabanya SR Ace

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