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Originally Posted by Cait
-CaiterzII Knew things about our guild so, that leads me to believe that he had a person IN our guild
-FalconBR uses "u" and "ur" like the scammer.
-FalconBR told me last night he wanted submaster because .......................................

And the next morning, he asks me to boot him... while my guildies (reliable) say that he admitted to it last night. (Which none of them got screenshots of it)
just for an objective view here...

1. anyone in the guild can be the "inside man" just cuz one person knows somethings doesnt make him a specific person in your guild.

2.there are scammers who use you or your as well, doesnt say anything to suggest who the person is, you gotta look at the the person speaks overall

3.wanting sub doesnt make him a dodgy/bad person or anything. its like someone asks you for an item for free and you label them a scammer for it.

as for the part about admitting to being an impersonator. well... maybe your guildie remembered it wrong? cuz you'd expect at least one person to ss it.

but then again, how do you know falconbr isnt an alias anyway, and the real imposter is actually someone who everyone finds trustworthy